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On Feb 24, 2019 less than 300 of the approximately 3000 members of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) voted to disallow their member vets to perform select animal procedures such as tail docking and ear cropping. This means breeders will no longer have access skilled professional and competent veterinary care for tail docking, dewclaw removal and ear cropping. (These procedures were always performed in clinical surgical environments, under anesthesia, by skilled, competent licensed veterinarians who chose perform this surgery.) This vote becomes effective July 1, 2019.

Due to this anti-breeder, anti-crop and dock mentality currently being inflicted upon breeders, it makes our passion of Protecting, Preserving and Bettering the Breed more difficult. We do realize, and are deeply saddened to acknowledge this restricts the public's access to well-bred breeds of their choice from responsible breeders, but it is the reality of the current landscape for everyone.

My breeder ensures in:

  • Researching me and my history
  • Being responsible for providing the upmost care possible
  • Providing me with training and attention that I require
  • Providing me with a long term stable home
  • Keeping me socialized (Human and Animal)
  • Spaying / Neutering me
  • Understanding Dog Body Language
  • Understanding peoples negative experiences with other dogs - Sometimes you need thick skin

My owner ensures IN:

We work hard to make sure our line is bred for longevity, temperament, health and companionship. High standards are used in selecting, the right Dobermans in our breeding program.

At Munro Kennels we limit our breeding to once every one or two years and keep a small list of pre-approved, serious homes.

All of Munro puppies come docked and dewclaws removed - cropping is an option and puppies are allowed home only once ears are healed and are in their first posting. They are tattooed or micro chipped, up to date vaccinations and have been checked by our veterinarian at least once. Puppies are sent home with a care packet that includes vaccination records, pedigree and health information, sample food packets, and other helpful information for your family and your puppy.

Applications for loving homes are always accepted, if interested in an upcoming litter we ask that you fill out our application form. All applicants will go through an interview and approval process that includes reference checks.

It's our goal at Munro Kennels to fit your puppy with the lifestyle and situation of your family, therefore, it is important for us to have as much information from you and your family as possible. The questionnaire gives us a good base of information about you, including details on your premises (the type of home you have, do you have a fenced in yard, do you own or rent), your family (are there children and what are their ages – having an infant and a puppy in the house might be somewhat challenging, since both require a great deal of time and care), alleriges or medical conditions that can affect pet ownership, other pets you might own (and their sex), your lifestyle, and your plans for and expectations of a puppy (for example: family pet, jogging partner, obedience or performance dog, etc).

  • Understanding my pedigree, standard and history
  • Knowing my ancestors have proven to meet or exceed the high standards of Dobermans
  • Testing my parents for issues associated to my breed
  • My temperament as it is key
  • Giving my mom exceptional care while pregnant
  • Making sure my siblings and I are ok by spending sleepless nights with us
  • Socialized me well
  • Choosing a family that is right for me
  • Welcoming me back anytime, for any reason