Remember - A Dog is for Life

Your dog may live ten or fifteen years, on average. Are you ready to make the commitment to keeping them well and happy for this time? What plans have you made as far as spending time with him?
Dogs love to please people. Some lines can be stubborn too. The best way to train your puppy is with firm, gentle, praise and patience.
Make provisions in your will for your pet in the event something might happen to you. Talk to a family member or your veterinarian/ breeder and try to make arrangements for temporary or long-term care, depending on the situation.

If your pet passes first, you can either have them buried in a pet cemetery or have him cremated. Another pet may help you mend your broken heart, but no pet can replace another.
Sometimes a different color or sex makes a nice change and makes it easier to avoid making comparisons or unfairly expecting the new pet to be “just like the old one”.

Sometimes things don’t work out as we planned. Perhaps your dog doesn’t suit your lifestyle any longer, perhaps you are moving or must give away your dog.

PLEASE DO NOT take them to a shelter. Call your breeder at the first opportunity, they will be happy to assist in placing the dog in a home.

Miikka at age 14 years old

We Love Our Dogs!

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We loved every minute of our puppy training! Jessie was welcoming, patient, and knowledgeable.

Jodi Harding-Kuriger

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Our pup is wonderful. I have experience with Dobermans and training, and it is obvious that Munro knows how to select a high standard of dogs for their breeding program and also raise them accordingly. Our dog is not only a great looking pup, but very 'work' minded. He just wants to work, please and protect. Excellent temperament and OUTSTANDING intelligence..not just another pretty face.Munro is there for you with answers and support every step of the way!

Fernando Garza

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Terrific service, speedy shipping!!! Super happy with the mesh dog coat!!!

Karen Debra Allen