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Managing Frustration While Training Your Dog

Working with dogs can be wonderful, as well as stressful and frustrating. If you find you are getting overwhelmed and having to deal with training frustrations, it’s important to try to shift your perspective. This way, you can manage these challenging emotions in a healthy way and preserve your relationship with your dog.

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Common Dog Training Mistakes

If you Google "How to train a dog." there is a lot of information out there . Using various methods you, can teach your pet just about anything, but there are plenty of mistakes owners make when training their canine companions. These mistakes are very common and can have a large impact on whether or not you and your canines efforts are successful. To avoid frustration on both ends of the leash, we’ve listed below a few universal dog training mistakes you should do your best to correct.

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Lets talk HYDRATION - Munro Kennels

Hydrating your dog is something so simple but it's actually so overlooked and most people don't think about hydrating when it comes to meal times.

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Welcome to our Munro Kennels blog!

What to expect? Munro Kennels believes in the power of sharing information to better help both you and your pet in your day to day routines. We want to offer simple tricks, tips and information not only for Doberman owners but for ALL pet owners.

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